The SuperNova Early Warning System (SNEWS) is a global network of neutrino experiments sensitive to supernova neutrinos.  The goal of SNEWS is to provide the astronomical community with a prompt alert of an imminent  Galactic core-collapse event. This will allow for complete multi-messenger observations of the supernova across the electromagnetic spectrum, in gravitational waves, and in neutrinos.

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Observing the very early turn-on of light from a supernova will be both exciting and scientifically rich. The time between the neutrino burst warning SNEWS will announce and the first visible light could be minutes, hours or days, depending on the nature of the stellar envelope and the amount of obscuration. Time is of the essence, and a coordinated global response that unites professional and amateur astronomers is needed.

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SNEWS is supported by the National Science Foundation including grants PHY-1506069, PHY-1505960, & PHY-2209534.

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